Here's some interesting artists and performances I've seen lately

Emma Donovan & the Putbacks - Live at the recording of ABC's The Set

Recently my partner got us backstage to see one of the acts on his roster, Emma Donovan and the Putbacks, record a live TV show. This was interesting because I got to see the back stage rabbit warren, the immediate back stage craziness, the slow and tedious work of recording a live tv show, and, most importantly, the wonderful live performance by Emma and the band. 

Emma is a great Aussie performer, singing songs connected to her indigenous roots, in a blues and soul vibe, with a big, beautiful voice and a wonderful passion. She's well worth checking out - lots of music at all the places, so you'll find her no trouble. Or check out her website here

Tracy McNeil & the Good Life - Live at the Marrickville Bowling Club, 2020

The Marrickville Bowlo isn't a glamorous location, but it's got quite a heritage of great musical acts having passed through on their way to bigger things. I hope that's the case for Tracy McNeil, as I thoroughly enjoyed this show and highly recommend you look her up, listen hard and get out to see her live. She's a constant tourer, so there's bound to be something coming your way if you're in Australia. 

Tracy and her band sing fairly straight-up country, with an enjoyable on-stage energy and a sense that the river runs deep here. She hails from Canada and places her vibe in the Americana camp. It's a 70's infused, easy going soundscape and I've enjoyed her music on my playlists every since. She's touring through 2021, find out more here.